Upcoming Cannabis 2.0 Products

Kief is also known as Dry Sift Hashish.  Traditionally it was made with silk bags filled with dried cannabis and beaten repeatedly with a stick.  These days it is either made by lightly sifting cannabis nuggets on a screen by hand or tumbling in screen cylinder.  This separates the heads of the resin glands from the remaining plant material. It is a physical extraction as opposed to a chemical extraction.  Solvent-less extracts it the common category this lovely extract falls into.  It can be mixed with any other form of cannabis in a joint, smoked in a pipe, bowl or dab rig such as an electric nail.  It is emerging as a popular Cannabis 2.0 product that is a great alternative to "flowers".  Some people exclusively smoke kief and they have a vast collection of varieties for different occasions.  A popular ways to enjoy kief is on the outside of a joint that has been dipped in resin and then dusted with kief.

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