Grind is ground craft cannabis at an affordable price, and meets all craft requirements. Single strain input only. The whole buds are hand-trimmed, hang dried, slow cured and ground right before packaging. Packed with nitrogen to eliminate oxidation. Convenience doesn't mean quality should be sacrificed. 

Fruity Haze - Premium Craft Buds Grind, 7g

In California, the Haze brothers created Haze using sativa strains Mexican (Acapulco Gold), Colombian (Gold), Chocolate Thai and Jamaican Lamb’s Bread. These land race sativas were bred in year after year to build the ultimate sativa. It was brought to Amsterdam and formed the basis for all modern strains using Northern Lights as the indica input.

Tropical Punch 1:1, 28 g

This CBD Twist on the popular Purple Punch is a dream come true for all 1:1 lovers. All the ancestors are loaded with sweet terps and resin which are inherited by this sweet treat. She can rival any THC plant in all categories. Purple Punch (Grand Daddy Purps x Larry OG) has met her match with a unique CBD line built with Harlequin (CBD Hashplant) and ACDC (Cannatonic). 

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